Sash Window Secondary Glazing

When seeking further reduction of heat loss, improvement in sound insulation, or just prevention of excessive condensation, it’s often best to add an extra layer of glazing.

The choices for secondary glazing since its inception have generally involved glass in metal aluminium frames…. These are not good insulating materials. They also make the original sashes tricky to operate and maintain and they often look out of place in a period setting. At Original Sash Window Solutions we have been ‘won over’ by the benefits of installing Extraglaze, which is an acrylic (Perspex) , crystal clear and frameless solution.  The transfer rate of heat through acrylic being 20% that of glass.

Extraglaze is a clever, modern and elegant way to access the benefits of secondary glazing, by using lightweight panels that are made to measure for your sashes. Since this solution does not alter the character of the property Extraglaze is frequently praised by Conservation Officers when chosen for Conservation Areas and listed buildings. You can find it in every type of listed building – including World Heritage Sites – and also in many National Trust properties (It has been installed in their own Head Office since 2019).


Original Sash Window Solutions has been installing Extraglaze made-to-measure panels for our customers since 2019 and our customers’ response has so far been excellent click for more

We’ve found these panels are very easy on the eye, blending in well by colour-matching to your existing windows and by nature of their low-profile design. Their clever magnet system enables you to open the window whenever you’d care to and their design also makes them easy to remove and reapply. They also piggy-back!

Simple and Elegant

The Extraglaze Secondary Glazing System uses a specialist, light weight, shatter resistant acrylic material for the glazing panels. This is substantially the same material used for the lenses in spectacles and for aircraft windscreens and has exceptional optical clarity.

The discrete panels are edged with very slender, precisely polarised magnetic strips that automatically align themselves when removed and replaced. There are no frames as such.

The video guide, on the right hand side of this page, will help explain how the system works in more detail.

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