Sash Window Full Paint Finishing

Whether restoring or upgrading your sash windows, it’s important to carefully consider their paint ‘finishing’ before embarking.  Finishing protects the investment you have made in the structural integrity of your sash windows. The selection of paints and their method of application can greatly affect their longevity.  

Experience has taught us that best results (and longevity) are achieved by painting the sashes when they are out of their boxes. It is for this reason that we always install quick-release mechanisms to the side of each sash, as well as removable beading as part of our standard draught proofing solution.  This enables the sashes to be safely lifted from their box frame and all components of the sash window painted from the inside (which avoids the need for scaffolding).

Should you have a preferred painter or are perhaps intending to paint them yourself, we’ll happily provide advice and support.  We are also keen to demonstrate the safe removal system that we install.  As part of our standard service we’ll always leave any exposed or new woodwork repairs thoroughly primed to provide medium-term protection.

Experience has also led us to appreciate that dealing with two sets of tradesmen and coordinating their works consecutively, can often be an awkward task for our customers. Bringing the paint finishing works in-line with the renovation, means the homeowner has one less contractor to deal with and less upheaval to endure.  It also reduces the overall upheaval period, since merging some of the activities of renovation and painting together reduces the overall time required, when compared to each task being performed sequentially.

We’ve therefore developed our own full paint-finishing service to compliment our window restoration projects, when required.  Please let us know your preferred service during the survey stage and we’ll be happy to additionally quote for finishing.


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