Sash Window Replacement & Double Glazing

When sash windows lose their integrity and pass the point of satisfactory repair the best option is likely to be replacement. To manufacture bespoke sashes that fit exactly into existing boxes, look right and work efficiently requires great precision. We specify, manufacture and install our own replacement sash windows so we can carefully control the end-to-end process, from measuring-up to tidying-up.

Original Sash Window Solutions was accredited by FENSA in May 2020 Click for more

When replacing the entire window is the right choice (or perhaps the only choice) we’ll provide a firm quote. We are approved by FENSA to make double-glazed replicas for you, which means you won’t need building inspector approval. Our new windows will meet building regulations and our accreditation entitles us to self-certify them to that effect.

We’re proud to be very closely associated with P.M Large Joinery of Minchinhampton, whose premises we share. Their award-winning bench joiners use traditional, proven joinery techniques and the quality of materials and accuracy of their workmanship we have found to be unparalleled for all bespoke joinery. Their continued support over the last 15 or so years has been invaluable to us.

We’ll ensure each individual replacement sash matches the original in every possible detail, down to the profile and horns and doesn’t alter the character of the property. We find our ethos and priorities in this regard align to those of English Heritage and Conservation Officers. We will prime, glaze and undercoat the sash before fitting – sometimes in as little as a week (replacement lead-times do vary however).

Manufacturing anew means there’s an opportunity to double-glaze the replacements. This is an important decision to be considered with full awareness of the pros and cons, so we’ll make sure that these are discussed fully with you.

Our methods and materials for double-glazing are both aesthetically pleasing and designed to endure far longer than other industry-standard methods and materials. Please call Roger to learn more or to arrange a visit to our workshop if you’d like to see some examples of our new, double-glazed windows.

Our new, FENSA-approved, thermally efficient windows come with an extended 10 year warranty, insurance backed by the Consumer Protection Association (CPA).

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