Sash Window Repair & Renovation

Most timber windows will eventually benefit from some renovation work. Usually wet rot is found in the cills and bottom sections of the sashes where water has been allowed to trap against unprotected timber.

With cills it is almost always best to replace the entire cill once the rot becomes apparent on the surface unless the rot is isolated and central. This is a specialist job which should be done using high quality timber with the correct profile. The bottom sections on both sides of the box should always be replaced at the same time as the cill to ensure that no end grain is left exposed. For all of this work we use Accoya or sapele.

When rot is found in the sashes it is often possible to carry out a repair by using our two part epoxy filler and/or splicing in a new section of timber. When we encounter this situation we will offer advice as to whether the sash should be repaired or replaced, but the final decision always rests with the customer. All our repairs carry a minimum 5 year guarantee.

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