Sash Window Solutions

The draught-proofing of sash windows is recognised by HMRC as being a ‘significant energy saving measure’ which enables us to charge VAT at only 5%.


For a fraction of the cost of replacement windows we can thoroughly service and draught-proof your windows as detailed below and providing these benefits:

Sash Window Draught Proofing

A New Two-piece Parting Bead (1)

  • U shaped section screwed into original parting bead groove.
  • Detachable pile carrier snapped into U section to allow removal of sashes.
  • Height of draught-proofing pile selected to eliminate air infiltration and allow low friction sliding

Mid & Bottom Rail (2 and 4)

  • Grooves routed to sash mid rail and bottom rail.
  • Pile carriers installed.
  • Draught-proofing pile (weatherstripping) is selected to suit varying widths of gaps.

Staff Bead (3)

  • Existing staff bead replaced by new staff bead incorporating the draught-proofing pile.
  • Painted with acrylic white primer conforming to BS 5082.
  • Fitted with brass screws for easy release.

Note 1) – All Weatherstripping is selected to suit varying widths of gaps. It meets all requirements of BS 7386 Specification for Draughtstrips for draught control of existing doors and windows in housing. It is also silicone treated to repel water and is ultra violet stabilised.

Note 2) – The windows will be left easily removable from the new, high quality sash cords.

The sashes will be left perfectly counter-weighted and any extra lead required for this will be supplied free of charge.


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