This is a major consideration before embarking on the restoration of your sash windows and please be aware that a bad paint job is often worse than no paint job at all.

We offer finish painting only for new joinery.

The rest of the work we do is thoroughly primed to give lasting protection for the wood. However, for the final decoration of your upgraded windows, there should be a delay of between a month and roughly a year after restoration. This time constraint enables the new putty that we apply to skin over, but doesn’t allow it to dry right out and begin to crack.

We’d be happy to recommend excellent painters on request who understand the importance of following the correct procedures. Currently we have 3 specialist painting teams who between them, cover our whole region.  All of whom we have worked with for many years and are proud to be associated with.

Alternatively, with the sash removal system installed, you may wish to carry out the work yourself. We would then gladly give you advice and support on methods and products.

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