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Accoya is the world’s best known, super-durable wood. It starts life as the Radiata pine in the sustainable and scrupulously maintained forests of New Zealand, before being shipped to the Netherlands for Acetylation.

Yes, that does sound like a lot of carbon spent in transportation and this is reflected in the cost (which is nearly twice that of most of the commonly used, unsustainable hardwoods). However, the massively increased lifespan of Accoya and it’s sustainability, has made it the obvious choice for many applications – especially for the detailed and relatively delicate work required for sash windows, where the lion’s share of the cost is to cover the labour.

There are some caveats to be aware of when using Accoya  -  not least the corrosive effect of the acetylation treatment on basic, coated steel fixings. Therefore, we have recently undergone the necessary training to become accredited Accoya joiners and fitters.

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